This is the beginning of a beautiful Italian story, the kind that is always a pleasure to hear.

Back in the ’50s, when everything was so hopeful, Mr Nappo opened a small shop in Neapolitan land with a laboratory of essences.

The creativity and brilliance that characterise the Neapolitan people, made it possible for Mr. Nappo to prosper.

In this creative atmosphere grew young Luigi, gifted with great curiosity and a creative mind. He became fascinated by the activity of his father, and also by the great literary masterpieces of adventure, such as Salgari, being the most exotic and compelling.

Once grown up, following the footsteps of his father’s company, he tried to come up with a line of perfumes.

The launch of his own brand was a way to give form to the emotions experienced on imaginative journeys and magnificent places, lived through the great tales of adventure.

It is never easy to identify the right olfactory nuances, when it comes to transforming your emotions into perfume, but ArteOlfatto is a success in this sense. The “scented” path concentrates on a key element for each creation, that expresses the emotions evoked by the places better than others and the atmosphere idealized by literature.

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